Massachusetts Resources

Below are some community-specific resources developed by CREW and other organizations to help you prepare your home and community for climate change. We have divided resources into categories based on what they offer, and have further labelled most resources as either 'Basic' (simpler; faster) or 'Detailed' (higher time commitment; more data required). Click on each category below to learn more.

CREW_Lockups1_Just_Icon_color_use_for_profile_pictures.png City of Boston, MA & Greater Boston


 City of Cambridge, MA 


 City of Somerville, MA 

CREW_Lockups1_Just_Icon_color_use_for_profile_pictures.png City of Winthrop, MA

CREW_Lockups1_Just_Icon_color_use_for_profile_pictures.png Statewide Resources

CREW_Lockups1_Just_Icon_color_use_for_profile_pictures.pngCity of Boston, MA & Greater Boston: 


Climate Ready Boston's Map Explorer - Click "launch the explorer" to see a map of Boston layered with projections of stormwater and coastal flooding, sea level rise, and extreme heat alongside maps of social vulnerability in the city. Enter your address to see projections of potential flooding and heat near your home.

Sign up for the Office of Emergency Management's AlertBoston program - Get a text and/or email when the city issues an emergency alert or a parking ban near your location.


The Boston Public Health Commission's Get Ready. Be Safe. Stay Healthy. initiative - Check out this comprehensive set of preparedness information and opportunities from the Boston Public Health Commission's Office of Public Health Preparedness. Join the Boston Medical Reserve Corps, learn how to make a "Go Kit," and see a list of Twitter handles and hotlines you can follow to get information on Boston-area emergencies.

Ready Boston's Emergency Shelter Map & Website - Know where the closest designated emergency shelter is in case you are told to evacuate your home. Note—these shelters are not in constant operation, and you should not go to them unless told to by the Office of Emergency Management.

CREW_Lockups1_Just_Icon_color_use_for_profile_pictures.pngCity of Cambridge, MA:


The City of Cambridge's FloodViewer Tool - Check out maps of how Cambridge is projected to be affected by flooding today, in 2030, and in 2070.

Sign up for the City's CodeRed Program - Get a text, phone call, and/or email when the city issues an emergency alert or a snow warning near your location.


The City of Cambridge's Climate Change Preparedness & Resilience Plan - See detailed information about how the city is preparing for climate change, and read more about the specific challenges the city faces from climate impacts.

CREW_Lockups1_Just_Icon_color_use_for_profile_pictures.pngCity of Somerville, MA:


Sign up for emergency alerts from the city- Get a phone call, text and/or email when the city issues an emergency alert, notification about a construction project, or a parking ban near your location. Available in English, Español, Português, and Kreyol Ayisyen.

Check out groups & resources on the Climate Coalition of Somerville's website - A great repository of local groups working on climate change, and documents related to Somerville's climate change planning.


The City of Somerville's Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment- A comprehensive report (June 2017) detailing the challenges Somerville faces from climate change.

CREW_Lockups1_Just_Icon_color_use_for_profile_pictures.pngCity of Winthrop, MA:


Sign up for the City's CodeRed Program - Get a phone call when the city issues an emergency alert near your location.


Winthrop Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment - July 2017 report prepared by the city, state, and consultants describing future climate impacts on Winthrop in detail. In particular, it looks at coastal flooding caused by sea level rise and stronger storms.

CREW_Lockups1_Just_Icon_color_use_for_profile_pictures.pngStatewide Resources: 


Massachusetts Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Viewer - Look at maps of coastal flooding, sea level rise, and worst-case hurricane scenarios for Massachusetts. Provided by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management.


Massachusetts Climate Change Clearinghouse's Map Repository - A comprehensive database of maps, graphs, and documents related to the impacts of climate change on Massachusetts (also includes information on statewide plans to prevent climate change).

Interested to explore more tools and resources? Visit the following climate resilience databases, where you can search by resource type, subject area, or geographic region.

Georgetown Climate Center's Adaptation Clearinghouse

EcoAdapt's Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange