2023 Climate Prep Week

Welcome to Climate Preparedness Week 2023!


Since 2018, CREW has hosted Climate Preparedness Week, marking a week of learning, service, and actions to better prepare our communities for extreme weather events and the effects of climate change. With a diverse variety of community-oriented groups coming together to host events and raise awareness of extreme weather threats, we provide the resources and space to think about how climate change impacts everyone, and how it disadvantages some communities more than others. This year, from September 23rd-29th, we're highlighting these disparities through the theme of Climate Prep Week 2023:

Intersection of Climate Change and the Broader Social Justice Movement



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Courtesy of the Blue Marble Librarians 
How can you support Climate Prep Week? Check out what Rice Univerity's Fondren Library (TX) has on their site (all events are in Central Time) https://library.rice.edu/features/climate-preparedness-week-2023-events

Central Events!


The River is Rising, And So Are We: Communities Taking Action on Flooding

Join Communities Responding to Extreme Weather (CREW) and Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA) to explore how communities, families, and individuals are responding to flooding impacts. Learn about efforts to address flooding regionally and on a grassroots-level -- through the Charles River Flood Modelcommunity depavings, and more! Share your own creative ideas, what you do at home and beyond, to keep yourselves and your neighbors safe and to help the earth become more resilient in the face of climate change. 
WHEN?: Tuesday, September 26, 7-8:15pm
WHERE?: From wherever you are! This is a virtual event, held on Zoom. It will be in English.
You'll hear from CRWA's Senior Climate Resilience Associate Dira Johanif, CREW's Project Coordinator Leigh Meunier, and friends from across the region. Do you plant trees and gardens? Own a rain barrel? Hold community dinners? It's all supportive! Come share your insights and strengthen the community response to flooding!


Heat, Health, and Racial Justice 

Thursday, Sept 28th 6-7pm 

The summer of 2023 was the hottest ever recorded, increasing the risk of heat-related illnesses. While the rising number of heat waves will affect everyone to some capacity, this discussion will dive deeper into the impacts heat has on our public health and how BIPOC communities are disproportionately at risk due to the oppressive systems in our institutions and society. Join our group of esteemed panelists from numerous universities and learn how to build resilience in your community.


Caleb Dresser with The Harvard School of Public Health 

Ted Landsmark with The School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern University

Victoria (Torrey) Spies with The Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub at Northeastern University 



Leah Bamberger with The Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub at Northeastern University