Climate Prep Week 2022


Welcome to Climate Preparedness Week 2022!


Since 2018, CREW has hosted Climate Preparedness Week, marking a week of learning, service, and actions to better prepare our communities for extreme weather events and the effects of climate change. With a diverse variety of community-oriented groups coming together to host events and raise awareness of extreme weather threats, we provide the resources and space to think about how climate change impacts everyone, and how it disadvantages some communities more than others. This year, from September 24th-30th, we're highlighting these disparities through the theme of Climate Prep Week 2022:


This year's theme for Climate Prep Week explores the many ways that extreme weather and climate change manifest outside of the most noticeable disasters and disruptions. From the toll that climate anxiety & grief can take on mental health to how the invisible threat of extreme heat is most powerfully felt in historically redlined and disenfranchised communities. 

Central Climate Prep Week Events

Throughout the week of September 24th-30th, CREW will be hosting (or co-hosting) a variety of events that will spotlight the invisible effects of climate change. Check back for more events as the week approaches!

Saturday, September 24th, 1-2:30 EST- Extreme Weather Impacts on Brockton: A Workshop from CREW and the Authentic Caribbean Foundation

This workshop will highlight two often-overlooked impacts of extreme weather that are of growing concern for Brockton residents- extreme heat and extreme winter cold. The workshop will focus on how these are affecting Brockton and what residents can do to prepare themselves as well as the services and resources that people can turn to, but will be held in a hybrid format and be open to people everywhere! 

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Looking for event ideas or curious about last year's programs? You can still view the page for Climate Prep Week 2021 at this link!