We believe that building community climate resilience can be a powerful force of change. Our model addresses three interconnected problems that challenge today's climate advocacy efforts.



Problem 1: Climate Change is Already Impacting Communities.

Climate change is not just a problem for our grandchildren; it is happening here, now. Everyone is affected, but these changes disproportionately threaten individuals and communities already vulnerable due to structural inequities.

Solution CREW Builds Resilience.

By grounding our work in community-specific education and meaningful service, CREW will help equip communities to respond to the threats climate change poses to local health, equity, and livelihoods.

Problem 2: Climate Change is Complex and Overwhelming.

The impacts of climate change are global and will play out over decades and centuries. In the absence of adequate education and engagement, it can be difficult to conceptualize how these changes will affect communities - or to identify concrete, meaningful ways to address these impacts at a local level.

Solution CREW Contextualizes Climate Change and Enables Action.

CREW volunteers will educate their communities about local climate impacts and create opportunities for residents to engage meaningfully in these changes through collaborative service and the development of proactive resilience plans.

Problem 3: Climate Change Advocacy is Limited by Partisan Divides.

The fossil fuel industry has worked hard to turn climate change into a partisan issue. Ultimately, however, these divisions benefit only the industry itself; they prevent us from developing the comprehensive and creative solutions we need to address the risks climate change poses to all of us – and, in particular, to frontline communities. 

Solution CREW Emphasizes Concrete Service and Action

By prioritizing positive action, CREW volunteers will engage values that transcend partisan politics like empathy, collaboration, and service - and build the energy and genuine relationships we need to respond dynamically and humanely to climate change over the long term.


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