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Welcome to CREW's youtube page! Here you can find links to old events, panels, and info sessions. 



Title: Communities, Climate Change, and Health Equity – Lessons Learned in Addressing Inequities in Heat-Related Climate Change Impacts, July 2023

Title: Earth Day Always, April 2023


Title: Rev. Vernon K. Walker Sermon from the Massachusetts Interfaith Service on Climate Action, October 2022


Title: 4-11-22 Resilience Hub Meeting with Guest Resilience Experts, April 2022

Title: 2022 CREW Interfaith Summit, May 2022

Title: 5-25-22 Climate Resilience Hubs Info Session, May 2022


Title: Building Resilience In the Charles River Watershed, February 2021

Title: Extreme Winter Weather by CREW, March 2021

Title: Individual and Community Preparedness during the Winter, March 2021 

Title: Staying Warm - Your Rights as a Tenant, March 2021

Title: Health Implications of Winter Weather, March 2021

Title: Building Resilience in the Charles River Watershed: Residents Meeting, April 2021 

Title: Building Resilience in the Charles River Watershed: Upper Watershed Residents Meeting, April 2021

Title: Vaccine Preparedness, April 2021

Title: 2021 Interfaith Climate Summit: Healing, Helping, and Building Resilience, April 2021

Title: Collective Resilience: Building Equitable Emergency Preparedness in Our Communities, April 2021

Title: E-College-y: The Intersection between Student Activism and Climate Action, May 2021

Title: Climate Resilience Hub Information Session for Faith Communities on 5/6, May 2021

Title: Climate Resilience Hubs Info Session 5-13-21, May 2021

Title: Climate Resilience Hubs Info Session 5/18/21, May 2021

Title: Climate Resilience Hubs Info Session 5-24-21, May 2021

Title: Extreme Heat Preparedness with the Authentic Caribbean Foundation, July 2021

Title: Extreme Heat Preparedness with Authentic Caribbean Foundation, August 2021

Title: Climate Prep Week 2021- Intersections of Climate Change, Public Health and Community (9/27 Panel), September 2021

Title: Climate Prep Week 2021- Why Trees Matter in a Changing Climate (Sep. 28th Panel), September 2021

Title: Climate Prep Week 2021- The Effect of Climate Change on the Ocean and Human Wellbeing (9/29 Talk), September 2021

Title: 11-17-21 Dorchester Resilience Workshop w/ Authentic Caribbean Foundation, November 2021

Title: Virtual Climate Resilience Workshop for Mattapan, December 2021

Title: 12-15-21 Virtual Climate Resilience Workshop for Brockton, December 2021


Title: Know Your Emergency Rights, May 2020

Title: Infectious Disease and Climate Change: an Intersectionality Panel Discussion, May 2020

Title: 2020 CREW Interfaith Summit Part 1, May 2020

Título: Conozca Sus Derechos de Emergencia, Mayo 2020

Title: Extreme Heat Assistance Workshop, September 2020

Title: Heat and Health: A Roundtable Discussion, September 2020

Title: Climate Change and Our Local Waterways, October 2020

Title: How to Become a Climate Resilient Church, October 2020

Title: Resilient Agriculture: Climate Impacts on Our Foods Systems and How We Can Respond, October 2020

Title: How Repair Events Can Transform Our Throwaway Culture, October 2020

Title: The Linked Fight for Racial Justice and Climate Justice, October 2020

Title: Palaces for the People: A Community Discussion with Eric Klinenberg, October 2020

Title: Neighborhood by Neighborhood: Mapping Our Resilience, October 2020

Title: The Economics of Climate Change with Madhavi Venkatesan, PhD, October 2020

Title: The Importance of Climate Resilience: A virtual conversation with Bill McKibben & Rev. Vernon Walker, November 2020

Title: The Fundamentals of Communicating About Climate Change: Education, Community & Action, November 2020


Title: CREW 2018 Climate Preparedness Week, July 2018