What We Do

Our Model

We equip community-based teams of volunteer leaders with the training, local and regional organizational structures, and technological support needed to build climate resilience. CREW teams will engage in education, service, and planning to advance actionable, collaborative, and equitable solutions at the individual, community, and state levels. 

  • Education about:
    • How residences, businesses, and communities can prepare for projected local climate impacts;
    • The links between existing social inequalities and vulnerability to climate change; and
    • Connections between climate pollution, extreme weather events, and larger patterns of climate change. 
  • Service Projects that:
    • Build local resilience, especially for individuals and communities particularly vulnerable to climate change
    • Collaborate with emergency management agencies and other local partners to respond during and after extreme weather events.
  • Planning policies and programs that:
    • Build long-term climate resilience at the municipal and state levels;
    • Strengthen the health and equity of our society; and
    • Advance constructive community solutions to help society achieve a just transition to a clean energy economy.