Surprising Seas

The winter of 2018 brought with it several storms memorable for their intensity and historic flooding. Impacts from these nor’easters and “bomb cyclones” was amplified by a sea level that has risen 4-5 inches in the region over the last 40 years, increasing storm surge flooding, and giving us a snapshot of where our future shoreline is likely to be. In fact, as global “weirding” continues, future storms are likely to be stronger and sea level rise rates are likely to be faster than anything we’ve experienced as a modern civilization. Decision-making for our communities will only become more difficult the more we allow ourselves to be surprised; coastal impacts will present complex and multifaceted problems affecting infrastructure, transportation, property, and livelihoods.

Join Kingston Democratic Town Committee for a panel discussion that will explore how to start the conversation around living with our future coastal landscape. Invited panelists include a climate geologist, an environmental scientist, a meteorology educator, and an expert in insurance on coastal properties, all who have started to integrate climate preparedness as part of their future planning.

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