Climate Preparedness Week 2019: A How-To Guide


As summer comes to a close, CREW’s second annual Climate Preparedness Week is on the horizon--now less than 2-months away. Climate Preparedness Week 2019, held September 24-30th, is going to be a culmination of nearly two year’s worth of hard work. This year, we are proud to have a great variety of Climate Preparedness events across the state. Click here to find one near you! 

Even though we have nearly doubled the amount of events that were hosted last year, we are still eager to plan more! If you are interested in hosting a preparedness event of your own, it is not too late! All you have to do is fill out this pre-registration form and one of our lovely CREW members will follow up with you. We will be more than happy to help sort out logistics, find a speaker, provide printable information, etc (more information below).


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How Do I Plan a #ClimatePrepWeek2019 Event?

STEP ONE: Come up with a tentative date and time between September 24th and September 30th for your event to take place. Ask yourself “What do I want my event to do?”; "What community do I want to serve?"; and “Where can it take place?”. If you are struggling to come up with an event idea, check out some suggestions here for inspiration. It is completely fine if you cannot answer any of these questions, we would be more than happy to work with you in planning your #ClimatePrepWeek2019 event. 

STEP TWO: Please fill out this pre-registration form. When filling out this form please include as much information as possible. However, you can still fill out the form is you are missing details. Shortly after filling out the form, one of our lovely CREW members (see what I did there) will follow up with you. CREW knows that not every event will be complete at this stage and we can work with you during the planning process to do whatever necessary to solidify your event (secure a speaker, find a location, provide informational materials, etc). 

STEP THREE: Once you have solidified your event’s details, the only thing left to do is give yourself a pat on the back. CREW will post your event on its website--here, your location will appear as a pin on our Climate Prep Week 2019 map as well as an event in the Climate Prep Week tab of our website. And as always, as your event gets closer, CREW is always more than happy to answer any questions. 


How Can Your Organization Participate in Climate Prep Week? 

LIBRARIES  Libraries are hosting a variety of events such as movie screenings, world cafés, big reads, and more! This year, CREW is happy to announce a partnership with the Massachusetts Library System. This partnership will bring Climate Preparedness events to 50 libraries, state-wide. Libraries are great spaces to host community events as well as to disseminate pertinent information. 

LOCAL GOVERNMENT — Local governments are participating in Climate Preparedness Week 2019 in a variety of ways. For example, city governments in Northampton, Weymouth, and Somerville have officially recognized Climate Preparedness Week as an annual event. In addition, local government officials are doing their part by running workshops, participating in panels, and more!

FAITH COMMUNITIES — Faith communities play in integral role in spreading awareness within and empowering local communities. Similar to libraries, faith communities are hosting events such as workshops, presentations, and more! 

COMMUNITY GROUPS — Community groups are great at establishing resiliency at local levels. Community groups can host panels, workshops, presentations, tree plantings, and more! 

Was your group not mentioned? Don’t worry! Every single organization and person plays an integral role in local activism. If you are curious about how you or your organization can get involved with Climate Prep Week 2019 or with CREW in general, do not hesitate to get in touch! 



WHEN IS ClIMATE PREPAREDNESS WEEK? Climate Preparedness Week 2019 begins on Tuesday, September 24th and concludes on Monday, September 30th. 

WHAT IS CLIMATE PREPAREDNESS WEEK? Climate Preparedness Week is an annual week that is dedicated to learning, service, and actions that better prepare our communities for extreme weather events. By coming together to host events, we provide the resources and space to think about the ways that climate change disadvantages some communities more than others.

WHERE CAN I FIND A COMPLETE LIST OF EVENTS? You can find a complete list of Climate Preparedness Week 2019 events and much more on

HOW DO I ATTEND A CLIMATE PREP WEEK EVENT? Attending a Climate Preparedness Week event is simple! First, go to and locate your event of choice. Next, simply click on the event and voila, the RSVP form will be right there. If an event does not seem to have an RSVP link, chances are it is a private event. 

WHERE CAN I GET IN TOUCH WITH CREW IF I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Contact [email protected] if you need more info or want to discuss organizing an event in your community.

CREW is also on most social media platforms! You can find us on Facebook @climatecrews, on Twitter @climatecrews, on Youtube, and follow #ClimatePrepWeek2019 on your favorite social media platform!