Happy Holidays from CREW!

Happy Holidays!

As we reflect on the past year and look forward to the next, we want to thank you—our supporters—for your interest, advocacy, and hard work on behalf of CREW. Our work wouldn’t be possible without you.

In a year that was oversaturated with news, climate change broke through the noise. Reports from the United Nations and the U.S. government made national headlines, and from the California wildfires to hurricanes along the Gulf and East Coasts, every region of the country experienced climate disruptions.

It’s clear—we can't wait any longer to prepare for dangerous climate impacts. That's why CREW has been hard at work providing community leaders with training, organization, and support to build resilience to these impacts in their own communities.

In 2018, CREW organized our first major event: the first annual Climate Preparedness Week in greater Boston, bringing over 2,000 people together to engage in the work of climate preparedness through 35 events in the region. 

We also launched new social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, as well as a pilot CREW team in Cambridge. We continue to work with residents of the Port neighborhood and the broader Cambridge community to prepare for neighborhood flooding and extreme heat.

Finally, we were excited to welcome new CREW staff members and interns to the team throughout the past year. Thanks to Aaron, Amber, Rebecca, and Grant for their hard work.


In the coming year, we plan to:

  • Convene a summit for interfaith leaders across Massachusetts to talk about preparing their communities for climate impacts.
  • Coordinate climate preparedness trainings with local groups throughout greater Boston.
  • Recruit businesses and nonprofits across greater Boston to help build community resilience as part of our “Climate Resilience Hubs” initiative.
  • Host the second annual Climate Preparedness Week with dozens of community partners.
  • And more!


We’re excited to keep building community resilience in the year to come, and hope you’ll continue to support our work—financially or otherwise.

All our best,

The CREW crew