Joining or Starting a CREW team!

What is a CREW Team?

CREWs are groups of residents who are interested in building community climate resilience through education and outreach, participatory planning, and small-scale service projects.

We will work with each pilot CREW over the coming months to develop and enact a strategy to build neighborhood engagement in climate resilience. Each CREW’s plan will be shaped by the particular challenges, risks, and strengths of the local community, as well as member interest. However, activities may include depaving and expanding green spaces, conducting emergency response trainings, and creating a participatory community resilience plan that promotes the safety and livelihoods of all residents.

In the spring 2018, we hosted a workshop for pilot CREWs led by resilience, organizing, and emergency response professionals on climate causes and impacts, resilience strategies, and community organizing. 

Interested in starting a new team in your community?

First, gather 3-15 people and familiarize yourself with the content on our website, including our Mission & Model, Resilience basics, What We’re Reading, and our Blog.

Contact: Program Manager Vernon K. Walker
Email: [email protected]

Are you interested in joining a CREW team?

Here below is a list of our teams and contact email you can reach out too!

Somerville CREW team:

[email protected]

Arlington CREW team:

[email protected]